Josephine See

Josephine See

CrossFit L1 Trainer, Personal Trainer, Movement Coach

Squat 115kg

Snatch 65kg

Clean 85kg

Jerk 75kg

Deadlift 120kg

Really good at training within pain-free at the moment.


Crossfit L1 Trainer (2016 - current)


American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer (2013 - current)

About Coach

I've always had an active lifestyle in my adulthood despite never being athletic throughout my school days. Been an on-off gym goer since 2007, from cardio bunny to hiring a personal trainer that introduced me to strength training. In 2015 I found Crossfit and not long after through Crossfit I found the love for Weightlifting as a sport. My highest accomplishment as an athlete is the Gold medal for Women's Weightlifting in Asia Pacific Masters Games (APMG) 2018.

Turning Point

At the peak of my fitness journey, I trained in Weightlifting almost religiously (2.5 hours a day, 3 to 4 times a week), plus Crossfit workouts 2 to 3 times a week. After 2 years of training rigorously and taking part in various functional fitness competitions and weightlifting meets, I was burnt out both as an 'athlete' and a trainer. I decided to take a year break from lifting and started exploring new activities such as indoor climbing, and badminton and look into what type of coach/trainer I want to be. On the 9th month of the year-long break, I had a minor shoulder injury that didn't allow me to perform simple daily chores such as hair washing, I couldn't close the car door without pain, and leave the rest for your imagination. I came across a joint-specific training system (FRC/Kinstretch). Ever since then I dialed into the rabbit hole and that got me out of the injury, restoring my joint's range of motion and capacity to perform normal things and lift pain-free. I've had a huge mindset change in approaching training, fitness, and health too. No longer training with ego, I moved towards a more holistic approach to moving pain-free via joint-specific movement training, breathwork, and monitoring recovery and managing my stress level. Since then I have helped and coached hundreds of people to move more freely and confidently, pain-free via private training as well as Kinstretch group classes, online and in person.

Motivation & Passion

I'm on a journey to help people improve their day-to-day lives by working on their fitness and ability to move freely and confidently. To better equip myself to do this, I also specialized and qualified in mobility, senior fitness, orthopedic exercise, and CrossFit training. I sincerely believe that everyone, no matter what age, can benefit from improving their own body awareness and capabilities. As Malaysia's first and only certified Kinstretch instructor, I utilize this science-backed movement enhancement system to help people move with more flexibility, greater ranges of motion, and more importantly, more confidently!

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