Puvan Selvaratnam

Puvan Selvaratnam

CrossFit L2 Trainer, Personal Trainer

Deadlift 435lbs

Back Squat 330lbs x 2

Max Height Box Jump 49'

Love obstacle runs and trail runs‍


Crossfit Level 2 Certification

About Coach

Going through the cycles of life taught me to be very determined, goal orientated, and to always have a passion for what I do. I used to do track and field and love running sprints. I was also very passionate about Tae-Kwon-Do and used to teach and be a state representative before going into the workforce. I’ve continued my fitness journey as a full-time trainer, staying active and being there for the family is the most important thing.

Turning Point

Being in the corporate world and having a family had changed priorities. I was at the bottom of the priority list and it took a turn on me. I was gaining weight and pretty much very desk-bound. I decided to change that one day and dwelled into Bootcamp and thereafter fell in love with Crossfit at Crossfirlah. Fitness taught me to believe in myself and have the confidence to go after my goals. It wasn't an easy one to stay motivated every time and keep active especielly running a family at the same time. I was changing my lifestyle and also reigniting my passion for fitness that I use to love.

Motivation & Passion

Truly passionate about changing lives through health and fitness. I love sharing the journey that I went through with friends and fellow athletes who have had similar journeys. Being there for my athletes not just physically but emotionally is important to me. Now more so during the pandemic, sharing the bond with our athletes and helping them, help themselves has become a priority of mine.

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